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Attunements are required to Channel Reiki. Reading a book, manual or the information on this website will not give you the ability to perform Reiki. One must receive the appropriate attunements from a trained Reiki Master-Teacher before having the ability to channel Reiki. Reiki Masters of today vary widely in their training as well as their presentation of this gentle healing art. No one person or group may determine that their way is the only way.
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  The Center for Advanced Energy Therapeutics is a Holistic Energetic Wellness and Training Center offering something for everyone from the novice to energy healing to the experienced healer. The Center, located in Tucson, Arizona is extremely proud to be the home of The Reiki Information Line and owner of the CAET Reiki Volunteer Program at University of Arizona Medical Center. The primary intention of this website is to educate, empower and offer options for living a healthy, purposeful life.

The CAET mission is to spread the word of Reiki, Vibrational Healing, Energy Medicine and Holistic Health in a mainstream, easy to understand, professional manner. Founder, Mega R. Mease is strongly committed to this purpose and promotes health, happiness and long life by practicing what she teaches.

Mega along with and the other CAET practitioners want your "Possibilities to become Realities. What do YOU want ? Help us to help you. Click here to fill out your 2013 Wish List survey.

We offer Reiki Training of all levels in Usui and Karuna® Reiki. Elevated vibrational training is also available for those who desire the experience of higher etheric movement. Students receive a large amount of information in a short time with a strong focus directed toward helping each student understand and retain the information covered. We invite you to teach your Heart to sing again. Come enjoy, learn and experience the pure Joy of Reiki.

Mega R. Mease is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider. CE Hours are available for First Degree, Second Degree and Advanced Level two day intensives in the Usui Method.

The Center is proud to offer a variety of Empowerment Workshops including Sound Healing, Chakra Healing and other Energy related workshops. You are invited to check back often as we are continually developing and adding new items to the CAET roster of events.

Your Possibilities can and will become Realities!  The Living in Abundance Retreat  is the Center’s signature event which is offered in the Spring and Fall of each year.  This linear, yet cosmic workshop which provides a new, exciting outlook and fresh way of defining Abundance.

Expect a life altering Spiritual Adventure while enjoying one of the oldest Ranches in Arizona. The  Triangle T Ranch  is located only 60 miles east of Tucson in the foothills of the Dragoon Mountains. Its unique location in the Texas Canyon, amidst gigantic boulders piled high in startling formations offers some of the most spectacular scenery in the Southwest. Click here for a slide show of the event

Also on our healing menu are hands on Healing Sessions with a choice of Standard Reiki or selection of Multi-dimensional Healing. A wonderful addition to any of our sessions is an Energy Diagnosis/Life Reading. Readings may also be enjoyed independently by telephone. Distance Healing is available for all sessions.

The Center will make every effort to make modifications and accommodations to meet the individual needs of every student, regardless of their mental, emotional, or physical requirements.

Make the choice today. Take control and responsibility for your health. Begin a healthier, happier, independent and more peaceful existence. Give yourself the gift of Reiki and Energy Healing. We look forward to connecting with you.

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