First Degree: The Gift of Reiki
First Degree is a two-day level-one intensive. This well-organized class provides students with a strong foundation for the higher levels of training. It is designed for those who desire a higher level of health; mind, body and spirit. This class is excellent for those willing to invest time and energy on improving their quality of life. Mrs. Takata is credited for bringing Reiki to the United States. The foundation of her teachings was to “Heal yourself first, followed by family, friends and then others. Following her lead, this training has students focus of working on themselves for a majority of class. Participants will enjoy a perfect blend of lecture, discussion and hands on experience in a comfortable, cozy, serene atmosphere. Time between trainings offers the energy system and body time to assimilate the new vibration, allowing the channels in the arms to expand as well as enhance the personal Reiki process for the student. Therefore a three month integration period is suggested prior to participating in a Second Degree intensive. This choice however is left entirely up to the student.

Mega R. Mease is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider. 7 CE Hours are available for the one day Reiki Basics and 14 CE Hours for this First Degree Reiki trainings in the Usui Method.

PLEASE NOTE: The NCBTMB updated their guidelines. As of September 2017 most energy-work courses have been removed Therefore The Center for Advanced Energy Therapeutics is no longer authorized to provide CE Hours for Second Degree Reiki and Advanced Level Reiki classes.

The fee for this class is $380.00 with $190.00 deposit due one month prior to class.
Please read Terms and Conditions before registering for class.


  • Small class enrollment with individualized support and attention
  • Private First Degree attunement
  • Class manual which includes a hand placement chart
  • Explanation of Reiki
  • The seven Chakras / 21 day cleanse
  • The History of Usui Reiki
  • Creative ways to apply Reiki into your daily life
  • Healing and the Law
  • Reiki Ideals exercises
  • Instruction for Head and Stomach Flow self-session
  • Instruction for performing a quick chakra balancing
  • Give and receive mini Reiki session
  • Create your personal Reiki program
  • Participate in a Reiki exchange
  • Certificate of completion upon 100% attendance and demonstration of comprehension of the Reiki principals and techniques
  • Health, Happiness, Long Life…The Gift of Reiki

Student testimonial:
I write these words with tears of joy running down my cheeks. This is due to the enormity of my gratitude for all Mega R. Mease had done for me as a practitioner, teacher and mentor. I began my relationship with Mega by just "trying "out a Reiki session and quickly moved on to participating in a First Degree class. Although I moved away from Tucson, I traveled back to complete Second Degree and Advanced Reiki and plan to do Master -Teacher with Mega too. As corny as it sounds both her Reiki classes and empowerment workshops have been life altering for me. Mega's extraordinary gift of knowing exactly what each student needs at any given time makes her workshops "more" than just a weekend of learning something new. She somehow finds a way to inspire each student by sharing her knowledge, wisdom and experience. Mega gives her heart in a way that I cannot really explain other than she and her words stay with you long after the class is over. I will say that anyone who wants more out of life and desires to see life from a more full perspective should work with Mega in one way or another. Clearly, I am most partial to Mega's Reiki intensives and empowerment workshops but find equal value in every offering I have experienced over our five year relationship.
Sarah Brown-Aicher
Physical Therapist
Chicago, Illinois


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