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Special Healing Savings


Special Healing Savings
A Process that begins with Awareness

Enjoy a $25 Savings - Jan 15 - Feb 15, 2023

The Two Hour Mega Method of Healing™ is the most popular session among serious seekers of well-being and forward movement action in life. This vibrational bodywork, unique to the personal gifts of sight, skill, and training of Mega R. Mease, is finely tuned to each individual. These sessions may include but are not limited to Energetic Options, Life Coaching, Holistic Health Coaching. The Mega Method of Healing is the best choice for people ready to delve deeper into uncomfortable issues, feelings, and behaviors. This session is a home run for anyone who desires to "let go," deeply embrace challenges, and understand the unconscious mind. Five to ten minutes is allotted at the end of the session to support integration and grounding.

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