1. Drink plenty of pure water prior to session. Hydration is essential piece of energy healing.
  2. Do not rush. The benefits of your session may be enhanced by quieting yourself beforehand.
  3. Wear loose fitting comfortable clothing that will not interfere with the hand position or your comfort.  Remove jewelry, belts, shoes, glasses and binding garments.
  4. Do not eat immediately prior to your session. If eating is necessary, choose light, easy to digest food.
  5. Remain quiet during session. Discussions may inhibit the healing process.
  6. Drink more water. Eight to ten 10-oz. glasses are suggested for optimal health benefits.
  7. Rest. Schedule as few activities and appointments as possible afterward, to maximize the benefits of your session.
  8. Relax in a bath. A release of toxins may begin as energy moves and enters the body. Consult your health professional for a bath formula that will facilitate cleansing the body of toxins.
  9. Allow extra time after your healing session. It is important to be grounded before leaving and driving a vehicle.

Please arrive on time as appointments are scheduled in close proximity. This time is saved especially for you. We ask that you kindly give us a 24 hour notice or payment is expected.

                                 520-296-9545   or  AdvancedEnergyTherapeutics@cox.net

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